Safety Starts at Home: Preventing the Most Common Household Accidents by @SafetyMom


We all experience those accidents around the home – the ones that we know are completely stupid and should have known better to avoid, but happened anyway. Whether it’s because we’re rushing around and not being as careful as we should be or one of those freak things that occurred because someone else in the house is at fault, these injuries can sometimes be serious.

The Most Common Careless Accidents that Happen Around the Home

The Dishwasher Daggers – No, it probably wasn’t you that put the sharp knives pointing up in the dishwasher but before you put your hand in be sure they’re not facing up. A woman actually died when she tripped on the open dishwasher and impaled herself on a knife that was pointing up.

The Furniture Polish Peril – If you, or a family member, are using furniture polish on a piece of furniture in a room with tile floors, apply carefully. If the polish gets onto the floor it will create a surface as slippery as ice. Not only could someone slip and break their leg, hip or arm but could also hit their head on the edge of the furniture that was being polished.

The Garbage Gouge – Whether it’s tossing a glass jar into the garbage, which then breaks or throwing away a broken glass, be careful when you are lifting the garbage bag out of the can to take it outside. As you lift it, the glass can cut through the bag and lacerate your leg.

The Handrail Hazard – As we’re racing down the stairs in the morning with coffee cup, or baby in one hand, and a purse or diaper bag in the other, we can turn a quick trip into a tripping hazard. It’s easy for the strap of the purse or diaper bag to get hooked onto the top of the hand rail, sending you, the hot coffee and even your baby tumbling down the stairs.

The Small Pet Stumble – Even if you’ve had your pet for years, there’s going to be that one time you turn around from the stove with a pot of boiling water and your cat or small dog will be behind you, causing you to trip and have scalding water cover you, your pet and anyone else around you.

The Car Door Crunch – When we’re late for work, school or some activity, getting our toddlers into their car seats seems to take forever. Make it a habit to insist on “hands on head” however, to be sure there are no little fingers in the door as you slam it shut. And be sure any older children still standing outside the car have their fingers away from the hinge to prevent the same thing.

The Stockinged Feet Slide – For many of us who don’t like shoes worn in the home, we’re usually in socks, tights or some other soft covering on our feet. And, on stairs without carpeting or treads, it just takes one foot placed the wrong way to go sliding down the entire staircase.


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