Searching for Savings on Your Cell Phone? 10 Ways to Save Money on Your Mobility


One of the best ways to save money is to streamline your costs by cutting down on your regular expenses and watching out for unnecessary expenses (and that pesky cell phone bill is the sneaky culprit for many an unnecessary expenditures).

10 Ways to Save Money on Your Mobility

#1: Right Size Your Plan – Look at your current cell phone bill to determine what exactly you and your family use in terms of minutes, data and texting so you can right-size your plan. Avoid the temptation to ‘over-buy’ thinking your use will go up because you can always increase your plan down the road instead of paying for it in advance.

#2: Shop Around – Do your homework and be prepared to comparison shop, even if all you do is use competitor rates to negotiate a better deal with your preferred cell phone provider.

#3: Look for Family Bundling Options – Get a plan that includes mommy’s, daddy’s and the text-happy teenagers on a single plan that allows you to share minutes and data usage. Chances are the ‘extra minutes’ that dad doesn’t use will be put to good use sharing the latest teen news.

#4: Forget Fancy Features – Don’t get talked into fancy features parents and kids will never use, even if they’re free. Ask for a better rate and plan instead that only includes the features you will actually find useful.

#5: Crowdsource Deals – Check out the deal finding forums for tips on the latest deals on cell phones or do a quick Google search for special offers or coupon codes. A little online homework before you negotiate your contract goes a long way.

#6: Gather Up the Gadgets – Add your other gadgets to your cell phone plan, including your tablets and Mi-Fi personal hotspots, instead of creating separate accounts for each device.

#7: Be Careful About Extended Contracts – Don’t get locked into a lengthy contract, even if the cell phone plan seems good right now. That way you have the flexibility to switch plans based on your actual needs (and it gives you the ability to jump on special promotions offered by cell providers).

#8: Skip the Latest Tech – Opt for the last generation instead of the latest and greatest new release. Remember, the last generation WAS the latest and greatest a mere 3-6 months ago and unless there is a major change in the operating system, it has all the functionality you will need at a fraction of the cost.

#9: Time Your Purchase – If possible, wait until the last few weeks of the quarter before signing up for your cell phone plan. Chances are you will be able to scoop up special deals that the cell phone providers offer to boost their sales figures for the quarter.

#10: Ask About Travel Plans – Check out their international travel packages, even if you and your family travel only occasionally. Most cell phone providers allow you to buy travel packages on an as-needed basis. Don’t forget to activate BEFORE you go – you would be surprised at how quickly a short beach holiday turns into a massive cell phone bill.

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