Shut Up Annoying Telemarketers! How to Block Unwanted Calls on Your iPhone


Blacklisting unwanted callers on your iPhone should be as easy as one, two, three, but hold on to your Apples, Mac fans – there is actually no way for you to natively block phone numbers on your device. Shocking, right? How is it that the company that thought of EVERYTHING didn’t think of this?

You could download one of the many apps from the iTunes App store that claim to keep unwanted callers at bay, but truth be told, I haven’t seen one that is worthy of a purchase. There is a work-around though – use a silent ringtone for numbers you recognize but don’t want to answer.

Getting this done is pretty simple. Fire up your iPhone and search “silent ringtone” in the iTunes app and download a ringtone called Silent ($1.29). Set this as the custom tone for the annoying caller of your choice.

Simply head to Phone > Recents, then click the blue arrow next to the number you wish to “banish.” Create a new contact for this number (first name: Thorn, last name: In my side), and select Silent from the ring tone menu.

That’s not all though — you will need to turn off vibration alerts in order for you to remain blissfully unaware of the incoming call. Head to Settings > Sounds and flip the switches for all vibrate options to “Off.”

While your call won’t be blocked completely, at least you won’t notice when this caller tries to contact you. Silence really is golden, isn’t it?

Android users are in a similar situation, but the good news here is that there are plenty of apps to help you out. Call Control – Call Blocker is a free app that comes highly recommended with thousands of 5-star reviews.

Not only does it block calls from known spammers flagged by the community, telemarketers on the Do Not Call list, and those on your own personal blacklist, but it sends calls straight to voicemail or hangs up without annoying notifications alerting you to the attempted call. Out of sight, out of mind right?


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