Smart Apps for Smart Kids: The Best Educational iPad Apps for Kids


Lets face it — the iPad is a powerful entertainment tool for parents who need a break! Thanks to many clever app developers, it’s also a powerful educational tool that uses the best kind of learning where kids are learning and testing their skills without even knowing it!

Best Educational iPad Apps for Kids

DragonBox Algebra — Secretly teaches kids algebra! DragonBox Algebra 5+ teaches the basic concepts needed for solving linear equations through a series of intuitive puzzles. DragonBox Algebra 12+ covers more advanced topics in mathematics and algebra, including parentheses, positive and negative signs, addition of fractions, collection of terms, factorization and substitution.

The Opposites — Expands kids’ vocabulary while teaching about opposites with a word matching game. The objective of the game is to match the words with their opposite before they fill up the screen, ending the challenge.

MindSnacks (Free with In-App Purchases) — Helps kids learn a second language, improve their vocabulary or master geography. The MindSnacks series uses interactive games, lessons, audio clips, and colorful illustrations to make the learning fun! Review mode lets little learners go back over material that they previously mastered.

Squeebles — Teaches kids a range of math and spelling skills with their fun-filled series of apps. The series includes spelling, fractions, word search, times tables, division, basic math, and addition and subtraction.

LightBot and LightBot Junior ($2.99 to 3.99) — Teaches kids the coding basics using a friendly Boybot or Girlbot as their programming puzzle-solving guide. LightBot teaches kids about key programming concepts, including writing instructions, debugging problems, simple procedures and loops, and conditional statements.

Quick Math+ ($1.99) — Challenges kids to solve math problems quickly! Quick Math+ is designed to help kids develop their mental math skills, including basic arithmetic, order of operations, negative numbers and estimation.


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