Smart Start-up Tips: Email Marketing – Why Sales Start with Simply Staying in Touch


What is the single thing every business can do to drastically increase their sales regardless of the business type or industry? It’s so simple that it’s often overlooked: communicate with your clients, friends and prospects on a regular basis via email.

An informational article or simple tip sent through email will help you achieve expert status, increase your sales, gain new clients, and improve customer relations. All that with one simple email, sent out as little as once or twice a month.

How to Create your Stay in Touch Strategy with a Compelling Email Newsletter

#1: Send your newsletters regularly

Once a month is okay; twice a month is better. Weekly mailings are ideal, but the most important aspect of a successful email newsletter is being consistent.
Stick to a schedule!

Why is a consistent schedule so important? Well, people buy from people they trust.

Consistency = Reliability = Trust

When your newsletter gets delivered EVERY Tuesday, your prospects begin to expect it and depend on you. You build confidence, assurance, and trust in YOU as the expert to call when the need arises.

#2: Be relevant

The main part of your newsletter – your article or tip – needs to be useful information for the reader. You should certainly put in some promotion about your company, but keep this to about 20 to 25 percent of the entire newsletter.
Any more than that will turn off readers and cause deletes and “unsubscribes”.

Everyone is overloaded with email. A lot of it gets ignored, but the ones that stand out, get read. Include great content: valuable tips, entertaining stories, inspiring photos, funny jokes. Think of your clients and prospects, and answer their question – What’s in this for me?

#3: Use an e-mail contact manager

If you try to manage your email newsletters from your regular email account, you will get very frustrated. Sending a mass email from your regular email account will lead to your email address getting flagged as spam and you may even encounter possible legal issues that you don’t want to deal with.

To avoid all this, and to save time and hassle managing your subscriber list, register for an email service provider. An email service provider will give you the ability to create simple, professional-looking newsletters using built-in templates and other useful tools.

#4: Keep It Simple!

Multi-column newsletters – with many articles and loads of photos – may look pretty in print, but an e-mail newsletter is easier to read when it is short and simple. Studies show that you get more sales when your newsletters are concise.
Stay with one column, and use just one or two photos to get your point across.

The most common reason that entrepreneurs stop doing an email newsletter (or never get started) is they make it too complicated. Don’t fall into that trap. The simpler your newsletter – the more effective it will be, and the more likely you will keep up with it.

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