Smart Start-Up Tips: The Squeaky Wheel Gets the Sale – 5 Ways to Stay Top of Mind


It’s a common sales conundrum – how do you stay top of mind with a prospect and thus land the sale without resorting to bugging them for an answer? The answer is definitely NOT sending them email after email with a wimpy “Just following up” request for a response.

Instead be the squeaky wheel that gets their attention for good reasons! Find unique and interesting ways to let them know that you are still there and keen on helping them! Chances are you are on their to-do list, but as the to-do list grows, the ones on the bottom fall off their radar.

5 Ways to Stay Top of Mind with Prospects

#1: Share Interesting Links and News Articles – Send them an email with a link to a blog post or news story that relates to their business. It shows you are still thinking about their project and ready to offer up your ideas for their benefit.

Pro Tip: Keep a list of blog posts and news stories on hand for your industry to send out to prospects as part of your follow-up. Be sure to include a personal note and explain why you think the article would be of interest to them.

#2: Reach Out in Social Media – Tweet them (or even better, retweet something they tweeted), comment on a post, or reshare and tag them on Facebook or Google+. Show that you are actively engaging with their brand.

Pro Tip: Develop your social media network to use for the benefit of clients. Even if they don’t specifically hire you to help promote their brand online, it’s certainly a nice added bonus!

#3: Send a Handwritten Note in a Card – Write a thoughtful handwritten Thank You card sharing your passion for their project and thanking them for taking the time to consider you.

Pro Tip: Write a Thank You note immediately after connecting with your prospect so they will receive it shortly after (and most likely when they are making that all-important decision on whether or not to work with you).

#4: Comment on their Blog – Respond to the latest post on their blog with a thoughtful comment. More often than not, comments are being monitored and yours will not go unnoticed.

Pro Tip: Don’t forget to share your comments back to social media to show other prospects in that industry that you are actively engaged in reading and commenting on industry blogs.

#5: Invite Your Prospects to Your Event – If you are speaking, giving a lunch and learn or sponsoring a local event, invite them to join you as your special guest. Treat prospects like they are already your VIP clients.

Pro Tip: Make it a habit to sponsor a table at local speaking events and business luncheons so you always have an event to invite your latest prospects to attend.


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