Social Media Savvy: Being Positively Popular – Why the Secret to Social Media Success is a Smile


Is your social media glass half empty or half full?

If you are looking to attract loyal followers and fans in social media, you may want to consider showing off your positive, optimistic, Pollyanna attitude. Being upbeat and cheerful really draws a crowd.

Let’s face it – we get enough negativity in our lives, don’t we? Between the negative outlooks on the economy or the latest depressing news stories, we’re bombarded with negativity.

Why would anyone want to follow someone who gives them more of it online?

Positive posts invigorate all who read them. People who are energized by your happy attitude are attracted to you, and want to hear more. A buoyant approach to social media is the best way to generate a community of active and loyal followers, and build lasting relationships.

How to Generate Loyal Followers Just by Being Positive and Friendly

#1: Be Authentic

Yes, it’s important to have a bright attitude, but people can see if you’re being phony. Don’t pretend to be happy when you aren’t. That’s like pasting a smile on your lips. If it doesn’t reach your eyes, everyone knows you are faking it.

If you want to share about something that is bothering you or making you angry, can you put a positive spin on it? Can you write it in an entertaining way? Add a little humor to your grumpy mood.

Computer froze up 4 times today. I want to throw it through a window. I guess that’s a sign I should take a break and go shopping. Who’s coming with me?

#2: Rebroadcast Positive Posts

Connect with positive people, and repost their inspirational messages to your community. These motivational posts will further the positive image of your brand, catch the attention of key influencers, and help build valuable, lasting relationships.

#3: Roll Out the Welcome Mat

Don’t be shy! Write on your new friend’s wall, give them a shout out on Twitter, or comment positively on one of their posts. When your community is growing very quickly, it becomes almost impossible to extend personal greetings to everyone, but don’t resort to automatic messaging.

These often evoke negative feelings. Select a few interesting new followers and send each a message. Include something personal you’ve learned about them from their page. This will engage new followers and establish authentic connections.

#4: Ignore Negative Nellies (Yes, it happens, even to us Positive Patties)

How do you respond to that guy who calls you names and tells you that your opinion is stupid? You don’t. Spending time and energy in negativity is a detriment to your positive branding. Breathe, smile, and move on.

This approach does not apply when a customer is complaining about your product or company. Ignoring that kind of post can lead to increased anger and retaliation. Use good customer service skills and keep a level head.

#5: Be Funny and Entertaining

What’s the number one thing your fans and followers want? To be entertained!

Get over it! People are not visiting your Fan Page or following you on Twitter to hear more about your products and services. They only come back if you are highly entertaining.

Give ‘em what they want, in your own friendly way, and you’ll generate a happy, loyal community.

Remember social media is a virtual extension of YOU. Let your beautiful smile shine through, and you will establish loyal, lasting relationships based on happiness and success.

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  1. I so agree with you. You can put a positive spin on a negative thought or event. It’s easy to fall into the negative thought process, but being positive is much more rewarding and it does wonders for a person’s well-being. I can’t imagine anyone wanting to be around people who are negative and I can’t wrap my head around people who are constantly complaining about every little thing in life. I have unfollowed people who are negative. It’s a good thing it’s not often.

    I’m not sure why it came up with my old Twitter picture and link to my old Twitter account.

  2. Gia Volterra de Saulnier on

    Yes, I agree!  I try to create a positive atmosphere whether it be online or offline.  Your reputation as a business (especially a small one like ours) absolutely needs it.

  3. Very good post. I agree on emphasizing the “social” on the social media sites.dont push product all the time. It’s boring!

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