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Welcome to MOMeo!

This is NOT your ordinary entrepreneurial magazine because moms aren’t your ordinary entrepreneurs. Somehow we manage to fit building a business in between dance lessons, packing well-balanced healthy lunches, cleaning up after messy pets, chairing the parent council, and (hopefully) fitting in the occasional yoga class.

That’s why MOMeo Magazine features content that addresses every aspect of a busy mompreneur’s life – from tips on getting more done in less time to easy crockpot meals that you can prepare before your big business meeting. We invite you to explore our three content pillars:

Work Life – For “Been there, done that (and got the throw-up covered t-shirt to prove it)” tips and advice on building a mompreneur business that supports both your financial and lifestyle goals!

Family Life –For expert advice on parenting at every stage, health and wellness tips and of course, easy-to-make recipes that pass our no Martha Stewart fussiness test!

Playtime – For everything else that we work so hard for, from family vacations to funding our children’s education (because we know you need reminding to take a little time for yourself)!

But most of all, we celebrate what it means to define success on your terms!