Stuck for Topic Ideas? 5 Never-Fail Blog Topics that Get Clicks


Sometimes the hardest part of writing is deciding WHAT to write about. As a blogger, the trick is striking that fine balance between writing what interests and inspires you and writing about what interests and inspires your audience (to click).

In a perfect world, that would be the same thing, but sometimes what interests and inspires you falls flat with your audience and vice versa. So when you are stuck for topic ideas, try something from this list of never-fail blog topics that get clicks!

5 Never-Fail Blog Topics that Get Clicks

How-to’s and Hacks – Let’s face it – we ALL want to figure out how to work the system which is why how-to’s and hacks are incredibly popular. Blog readers are voracious learners, happily consuming and sharing helpful tips and shortcuts.

Example post: In “How to Get Your Website Up FAST! A Beginners Guide to Building a WordPress Site”, Michelle Mangen walks readers through, step-by-step, how to build a WordPress site.

In-Depth Discussion – The typical blog post is short and sweet and gets right to the point because the typical attention span of blog readers is extremely short. That being said, sometimes a topic needs and your audience wants an in-depth discussion.

Example post: Unlike a lot of social media posts that merely skim the surface or assume WAY too much knowledge, Erika Napoletano (aka Redhead Writing) gives you the down-low on social bookmarking in “The Essential Social Bookmarking Primer for Pseudo Nerds“.

Personal Experiences – We read to relate and give context to our worldview. That’s why blogging is such a social activity – because in no other platform can you interact and engage with the author. Writing about intensely personal experiences is a way to not only engage your audience, but connect with them on a deeper level.

Example post: Our feature column, “The Journey”, profiles the road that leads to becoming an entrepreneur. In “Reframing Adversity – Turning Life Challenges into Life Change”, MOMeo Tami Gaines shares how overcoming extraordinary challenges became her source of strength.

OMG Funny – There’s a reason ridiculously silly sites, like The Onion, are shared over and over and over again. Funny not only gets clicks, but gets shared in social media like CRAZY!

Example post: In “6 Things Husbands of Work-at-Home Moms Don’t Know” and the follow-up post “11 Things Friends of Work-at-Home Moms Don’t Know”, Alisa Bowman shares her humorous take on the common misconceptions about working at home (funny because it’s so true).

MEGA Resource Lists – Don’t think lists of 5, or 7, or even 21 – we’re talking MEGA lists people! Think 50 or 100 smart ideas, useful resources, helpful hints, must-have apps, sneaky shortcuts…you get the idea.

Example post: It may just be a list, but oh, what a list! “50 Can’t-Fail Techniques for Finding Great Blog Topics” on CopyBlogger gives you 50 starting points for coming up with your next blog topic!


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