Taking the Big, Bold Step to Living the Life We Dreamed Of


Deciding to pull the plug on safety and security wasn’t easy. In fact, it took close to 5 years of planning to make our dream of leaving the Rat Race and moving to the West Coast a reality.

For me, it meant shifting my consulting business to a virtual, work-from-anywhere model. For my husband, it meant asking the company he worked for his entire career to allow him to work-from-home (1,255 kilometers away from the office).

And as much as I would love to tell you that the planning negated all of the risk of leaving the safety and security of a corporate paycheck, it didn’t. The final step meant closing our eyes and taking that leap into the unknown.

Even down to the last minute, when our house was sold, our moving company booked and rental agreement signed, we had our doubts. Would this be the start of something amazing or a disastrous decision that we would regret for years to come?

Staying confident when all signs point to disaster is challenging, to say the least, but it’s sometimes what you have to do in order to make things happen in your life. Not every option is a simple step forward. Sometimes it takes a radical shift to find your new path.

How to Take That Bold Step With Confidence

Research and Plan – Know exactly what you are up against by doing your homework! Hopefully, your attention to detail will mitigate any potential obstacles, but even if the worst happens, you know what to expect and have already planned on how to handle it.

Focus on Your WHY – Instead of fretting about the details, stay focused on why you are taking this big, bold step. What do you hope to gain from changing things up? Knowing your why helps you put what you have to give up in perspective.

Take It One Step at a Time – Trust that the path will be revealed to you only when you take the next step. For us, it meant proving that working remotely was a viable option before my husband took the next big step of becoming an independent consultant.

Do Regular Temperature Checks – Take the time to check in to see how everyone involved feels about the big change. How are you feeling about it? Be honest. It’s okay for something to scare you. In fact, it probably means you understand fully what you are up against.

Build in Support Structures – Remember, making big changes means letting go of old patterns and learning new ones, which is easier said than done. Turn to your support network for advice, help or just a shoulder to lean on.

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