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Let’s face it — indoor air quality isn’t something we think much about…until it’s a problem. The trouble is that certain types of indoor air quality problems aren’t detectable at all (even though they are could be causing a BIG problem for your health).

Radon IS one of those problems.

It’s colourless, odorless, and tasteless so unless you specifically test for it, you won’t know you if you are one of the 7% of Canadian homes that contain dangerous levels of radon. It’s responsible for an estimated 3,200 deaths every year in Canada. The government of Canada recommends taking steps to mitigate radon in your home if the levels exceed 200 becquerels per metre cubed (bq/m3)

That’s why our favourite Celebrity Contractor and All-Round Good Guy, Mike Holmes, and his son, Mike Holmes Jr., are teaming up with Radon Environmental Management to talk all things indoor air quality Thursday, November 2nd at 7pm EST for the #ChatAirAware Twitter Party! 

Bring your indoor air questions (and stories) to the #ChatAirAware Twitter Party on Thursday, November 2nd at 7pm EST as we discuss:

  • How to detect and monitor radon gas levels in your home
  • What to do if radon levels exceed the recommended levels
  • How to safeguard your home against radon
  • Tips on maintaining indoor air quality from radon and other contaminants
  • How radon can enter your home (the answer will surprise you)
  • What you can do to breath easy!

As always,Mike Holmes (@Make_It_Right), Mike Holmes Jr. (@mike_holmesjr) along with experts from Radon Environmental Management Corporation (@RadonCorp) will be there to answer your questions.

If chatting with the big guy isn’t reason enough to join us, we will be giving away 3 Radtrak2 Radon Gas Detector Kit (valued at $40) and 2 Rapidos Alpha Track Detector (valued at $60) courtesy of Radon Environmental Management.*

All you have to do to enter is RVSP using the link below and participate in the chat on Thursday November 2nd at 7pm EST using the#ChatAirAware hashtag (read this for tips on how to set-up your TweetDeck for a chat). You must be present and tweeting using the#ChatAirAware hashtag at the time of the prize draw.

* No purchase necessary. Winners must be a Canadian resident (excluding Quebec) who have reached the age of majority in their province/territory. RSVP winners will be selected using from the people who RSVP below and participate in the Twitter chat held November 2nd, 2017 between 7:00pm and 8:00pm EST using the #ChatAirAware hashtag. Prize draw winners will be selected based on the first correct response using the #ChatAirAware hashtag. Should that winner not be eligible to claim the prize, the next eligible submission will be selected. The prize cannot be transferred or redeemed for cash. Limit one prize per participant.

>>> Full Contest Details HERE! 

To be eligible for the random prize draw during the #ChatAirAware Twitter Chat scheduled for Thursday, November 2nd at 7pm EST, please enter your Twitter name “@YourTwitterName” in the Name field and your Twitter URL “” in the URL Field.

Follow this example:

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