Target Multiple Zones With This Total Body Step Routine by @DPEverybodyFit


If you are looking to find a series of moves that will target multiple muscle groups and burn calories in the shortest amount of time, search no further. This week’s Move of the Week uses a step, but you can do it on the floor and achieve the same results.

This 4-part sequence is an absolute “must- do” and the more times you do it, the more repetitions you can add, growing with your progress and challenging your body every step of the way.


About Author

Dana Pieper, group exercise innovator, is the creator of Everybody Fitness, an intense total body workout that targets all major muscles and increases cardio endurance to deliver impactful results. Visit Dana’s blog for her “Move of the Week,” fitness tips, inspiration and more! Follow Dana on Twitter: @DPEverybodyfit and “Like” Dana on Facebook.

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