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Are you wasting your web traffic by not selling anything to the potential buyers who visit it? It doesn’t matter if your traffic is a trickle or a tidal wave, every guest who visits is a potential buyer. Without purchasing options, visitors have no choice but to go away empty-handed.

Perhaps you have been intimidated by the idea of implementing full e-commerce solutions. Ones that handle everything from product catalogues, customer accounts, reviews, coupons and sales events. If you don’t have a lot of physical products and SKUs to handle, such an investment is probably too time consuming and not cost effective.

Enter PayPal.

Every website should make use of this genius system. You don’t have to orchestrate laborious and costly relationships with credit cards. You don’t have to be overwhelmed by administrative tasks. You don’t have to translate prices into global currencies in the worldwide marketplace. PayPal is easy, and it opens the door to earning.

Think of PayPal as an online bank account. It can hold funds in any number of currencies. It can be linked to external accounts and credit cards. PayPal can take funds from your external cards or accounts if you don’t have money in your PayPal account to pay your online bills. Plus your clients can buy via your PayPal button even if they do not have a PayPal account.

Not only does PayPal do all the hard work, but it is also very easy and quick to set up on any website. The pros of using PayPal are it’s easy, quick, and convenient to set-up and use. The cons are limited functionality and it doesn’t address the issue of people who simply aren’t comfortable using their credit card online.

Setting up PayPal Buttons on Your Web Site

The two ways of using PayPal: Buy Now Buttons, and Add to Cart Buttons.

Buy Now Button: Perfect for selling single items. For example, if you have an eBook for sale, this button makes the buying process simple. The client clicks the Buy Now button, which is instantly links to the PayPal site where they can see the total amount and check out easily.

Add to Cart Button: Ideal for offering multiple items for sale. For example, if you have several eBooks, customers can click Add to Cart, which displays a summary of items in their e-cart with the option to continue shopping.

Don’t lose an opportunity to earn money and to share your products with your audience. PayPal is easy to set up and use, and it does all the administrative work for you. It’s an easy, painless solution for increasing your earning power.

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