Gadgets, Gizmos and Super Cool Tricks: Our Top Gadgets and Tech Tips


Got gadgets?

It’s almost impossible to do anything these days without finding a specially designed gadget or tech gizmo to make it that much easier to do. It makes you wonder how we ever survived, remembered to buy milk or found our cars in a busy parking lot without them.

Top Tech Tips, Gadgets and Gizmos:

Protection for Your Touch Screen: Worried about scratching your touch screen? Because Accidents Do Happen, you will want to check out this must-have gadget: “Invisible Shield by Zagg – The ‘Superman’ of protective screen covers, the Invisible Shield by Zagg has screen covers for almost every SmartPhone, tablet, e-Reader and digital camera. If it has a screen, Zagg has you (err…it) covered.”

Handy Parenting Gizmo: Fear traveling with kids no longer thanks to this list for Battling Backseat Boredom! Top pick: “Story Cubes – It’s a tiny box containing 9 picture cubes with the idea that you roll the cubes and make up a story (on your own or as a group) based on the images that are face up. Think of it as a storytelling icebreaker for kids.”

Cord Control Gadget: For getting Control of the Cord Chaos, Professional Organizer Sylvia Daoust recommends, “Cable Drop Cord Clips – These little clips come in packages of 6 and are self-adhesive that secure cords anywhere on your desktop or work area. The best part – when you unplug your laptop, the cord won’t slip off behind the desk!”

Tech Tip for Getting Your Share of the Social Sharing: To make your web site Social Media Friendly, Tracy Matthewman suggests, “in today’s busy world if you want someone to do something, make it SUPER SIMPLE and easy to do with as few clicks as possible.One way to do this for your readers is to add a Facebook Share button and a Tweet button to your pages and posts.”

Tip for Finding Inspiration: Wondering what to write about for your blog? When you are Stuck for Topic Ideas, Tracy Matthewman recommends, “Google Popular Search – It’s pretty cool and “stupidly” simple. Use this method with any number of search terms. Tip: you may get additional ideas just by switching your keyword phrase around. For example, switching “organic gardening” as your seed word to be “gardening organic” and go through the alphabet again.”

SmartPhone Payment Tool: Turn your Android into a Business Productivity tool with this handy app shared by Michelle Mangen: “Square allows any SmartPhone user to accept credit card payments (both swiped and entered).”

Gadgets for Charging Your Gizmos: Get a little help Staying Organized On-the-Go with this handy-dandy tech tool shared by Sylvia Daoust: “Travel Cord Organizer & Charging Case – If you have kids, you have electronics and a mess of cords, chargers, and adapters! Check out Kangaroom’s sensible and neat, all in one travel case to make your expedition easier!”

Tech Tool for Taking Stuff: Want to access your photos, videos and documents from anywhere? This Top 10 Best Android App gets the top pick for its convenience and ease-of-use! “DropBox – Take photos, videos and documents with you anywhere! Anything you save to your Dropbox will automatically save to all your computers AND your Android! Built-in lock codes mean if you lose your phone, your files are safe!”

Home Office Gadgets: Maintain your Home Office Health with this top pick from Ergonomist Diane Stinson: “Gliding Palm Rest – Palm rests are popular choices for mousing, but standard models put pressure on the sensitive carpal tunnel. A Gliding Palm Rest doesn’t add extra pressure and moves with your hand, meaning it takes less effort to mouse preventing overreaching. Recommended brand: Fellows ES 9180701.”

Interactive Marketing Gadget: Need to Add Glitz to Your Pitch? Try this tech tool: “SlideShare – Think PowerPoint meets the Internet! Embed SlideShare presentations on your site, share publicly or privately, add audio or download to your computer for interactive sales presentations.”

Tech Time Tracker: Give your Productivity a Boost with this handy tool for staying on top of your time: “Time Tracker – Wonder exactly where your time goes every day? Handy-dandy apps like Klok or RescueTime let you create a journal of your daily activities to either client billing purposes or just finding those time leaks.”


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