Tech Talk: Got Traffic Envy? How to Compare your Page Rank to your Competition


Before you start to implement search engine optimization techniques, you’ll want to check and see where your site stands in comparison to the competition. Your page rank will give you an indication of how difficult or how much work you’ll need to do in order to start ranking well.

One of the factors in search engine ranking from Google is something called “page rank”. Page rank is like a score assigned to your individual pages including your home page. The score range is from 0  to 10. Zero is where most sites start and 10 is usually only seen for sites like Even Google currently (at the time of writing) has a page rank of 8, which I find odd that Google wouldn’t give itself a rank of 10.

The rank numbers are assigned based on an ever changing algorithm from Google which looks at a variety of factors to do with copy on your site, other sites that link to yours and social interaction. If you have pages that are optimized, with numerous inbound links, regularly update the page(s) and have social interaction (such as comments, “Like’s” and retweets) then the higher your rank will be.

When you are getting started, be sure to check the page rank of your competition for a particular keyword. If the competition has a page rank of 3, you’ll have to put a relatively smaller amount of work forth to get on page 1 than you would for a competitor who has a page rank of 5 or 6.

For example, if you were trying to get on page 1 of Google for the keyword “weight loss”, you’d be competing with sites like Wikipedia who have a page rank of 6 for that keyword. But if you were to target the keyword phrase “weight loss supplements for women over 40”, you’d be competing with pages that have a page rank between 0 and 4. So ranking for that keyword phrase would still take effort, but much less than targeting “weight loss”

Want to learn more about page rank and how to compare your site to your competition? Watch the video below:



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