Tech Talk: Stuck for Topic Ideas? 3 Easy Ways To Find Blog Topics


So many people get stuck trying to figure out “What should I blog about?” or “What should I made videos about?” Sitting down to a blank screen can be daunting when trying to come up with a topic that is both interesting and desirable enough to get clicks.

But it doesn’t have to be.

The key is to look to outside sources to get you going and that is usually enough to create a huge list of ideas that you can draw from anytime you need to create content, whether that be in the form of blog posts, articles or videos.

3 Tried and True Ways to Generate Topic Ideas

#1: Popular Trending Topics – Looking at what is popular now is one way to come up with ideas. Checking the national or local news and creating stories that somehow are related or affect your subject matter.

Look at what others are blogging about and give it your personal twist. Two handy sites for tracking trends are and Google Trends. is a site that compiles the best of the best blogs out there. Google Hot Trends shows what is trendy or popular on a certain day.

#2: Google Popular Search – It’s pretty cool and “stupidly” simple, but it’s easier if I just show you how in 15 minutes you can have a huge list of ideas for what to create content for. Watch the video below for a quick tutorial on using Google popular search:

Use this method with any number of search terms. Tip: you may get additional ideas just by switching your keyword phrase around. For example, switching “organic gardening” as your seed word to be “gardening organic” and go through the alphabet again.

#3: Ask Your Audience – The best way to know what to write about is to ask the people you want to read your stuff. Simply send an email to your list and ask them what their most pressing issues are right now.

Keep it simple by asking them to respond to your email. If you don’t have a list, find a group or popular page on Facebook or a hashtag on Twitter related to your subject and post a question.

One final tip: create an editorial calendar to capture your content ideas and schedule them out each day, week or month depending on your publishing frequency. Using an editorial calendar to plan and schedule your ideas takes the stress out of sitting down and creating the content because you already know what you are going to write about.

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  1. Hi Tracy, that google idea is brilliant!  I’ll definitely use that. Combining that exercise with an editorial calendar should keep my blog rolling along nicely for quite a while. Thanks for the tips.

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