Tech Talk: Web Optimization 101 – Simple Ways to Build Your Traffic by Optimizing your Web Links


Links are a key element to an SEO optimization strategy. How you link to other pages and how they link back to you are very important, including how you link between your own internal pages.

Link Structure

The way you formulate your links from page to page will determine what weight google gives them in terms of the keywords they represent. For example, if you have a page that is about your dog walking services and on it somewhere you also mention your dog grooming service.

You will want to use the keyword phrase “dog grooming” as the link text which links to the dog grooming page. Vice versa to that you will also want to have a link on your dog grooming page that include link text “dog walking” which then links to your dog walking page.

This is important for search engines to know that one particular page is about a certain subject or related to a certain keyword. When Google sees a link that says “dog grooming” it looks for a page (where the link goes) which is about dog grooming and as long as it find a page about dog grooming, that page with gain a heavier rank for the keyword phrase “dog grooming”.

If you use a sentence that says “For dog grooming services click here” and the “click here” is the link, you are not using link SEO to gain the most rank with the search engines. Always, whenever possible, use keyword phrases to link to your destination pages, meaning the link itself should be the keyword you are targeting.

Internal Linking

It is strongly recommended that you link your pages internally. Often times, internal linking is done by default through your menu or navigation. You will also want to link within the body of your pages to other pages and vice versa. Follow the keyword logic explained in the Link Structure section above.

External Linking

When you are creating articles or forum signature posts and leaving links that drive traffic back to your site, you always want to use keyword optimized links. Use your keyword or keyword phrase as the actual link text. Using external links will give the search engine a better idea of what is on the targeted landing page and will help those pages rank higher in the search results.

The following video shows you exactly how to optimize your links for better search engine results:


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