Tech Talk: YouTube Video Optimization – How to Get More Views on your YouTube Videos


Video is cutting edge.

It’s cheap. It’s easy. It’s powerful.

Don’t miss out on this vital marketing tool.

First things first: boring bombs. You won’t watch a boring video, and neither will your audience. It won’t matter how much marketing and strategizing you do: no one will watch a video that bores them.

Making your Video Interesting: Learn the 3 “E”s of Video Marketing

Entertaining: If you have fun making it, your audience will have fun viewing it. Add a blooper. Use creative editing. Make your intro and outro appealing.

Education: Reward people for the time they spend watching your video by teaching them something or sharing solutions they can use. If your product can help solve a problem your audience has, you’ve got their attention. Show them how to use your product, how it can work for them, creative ways to work together, or complementary products that work well with yours.

Engaging: Your audience wants to be involved directly. Give them options to start a conversation, share their opinion, take part in something, meet people, interact in a demo, attend events, or take part in a contest.


How to Keep the Views Coming: Tips on Building Video Traffic

Once you’ve got your “E”s down pat, your videos are ready for more views:

  • A catchy title will get more attention, but never substitute wit for keywords. That works in print media, but without keywords demonstrating exactly what you have, your audience cannot find you online.
  • Add a description that includes your web address, keywords, and a teaser letting them know what to expect without giving it all away.
  • Don’t forget tags: use very specific, targeted keywords. These should also be in the title and description.
  • Tell your audience what to do! Embed or overlay a call to action throughout or at the end of the video, as appropriate. A call to action should be clear, simple, and specific. Be clear about telling them to call you or visit your website or enter a contest, etc.
  • Invite your audience over. Ask them to subscribe to your channel, either in the description of the video itself, preferably both. This will ensure that the next time you upload a video, they will be notified automatically.
  • Participate: use video responses to appropriate videos getting loads of views.
  • Create playlists. When someone views your video, YouTube will indicate that it is part of a playlist. The list can work for a multipart video series, or a group of videos that is topically related.
  • Surf YouTube for hot views, and then use a similar title, description, and tags. This handy trick gets YouTube to recommend your video as “related video” when the already-popular video is watched.
  • These tips will get you started, and it won’t be long until you are on YouTube and other video channels. Begin a video marketing plan and stick with it. It’s a great way for people to connect to you or your brand.

Shy? Don’t have a camera? Even you can make a video! Full-length online tutorials from Tracy Matthewman show you how: Video Marketing Made Simple Without a Camera and If You’re Shy.


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  1. Hello Tracy. I’m afraid it’s not that easy. I’ve been doing most of this and my views hover between 10 – 50. You need someone powerful to plug your channel, even if it’s only once. That’s what is necessary. I have tried every method and implemented all the ‘tricks’. A plug is the only way I think.

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