Television that Does MORE: Roku Versus Apple TV


Using your TV to just watch TV is like using your smart phone to just make calls. For less than a hundred bucks you can turn your TV set into a movie theater, a photo album and stereo with a wireless streaming device. That’s why we picked the top two products to compare and contrast for you so that you can decide which is best for you.

First the Roku LT, which is only $49 and is packed with functionality. It comes preloaded with tons of applications like Netflix, Hulu+ and Amazon to stream movies and TV shows, as well as photo sites and music services.

And, for those deeply entrenched in the Apple eco-system, there’s Apple TV for $99. It offers far less in the way of preloaded content, but if you buy movies and music through iTunes and have your photos in iPhoto, or want the flexibility of beaming content from your iPhone or iPad to your TV set, then this may be the perfect choice for you.

Check out this week’s Twirl where we delve into the ins and outs of two amazing devices that will absolutely transform your TV.


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  1. good review.  Apple could easily add more channels if they wanted to, but they like having you locked in to their market place. The new Apple TV, shipping since December is 1080P and not 720P as you say in your video review.  AirStream is so awesome to play your pictures on your TV as soon as you get back from an event. 

  2. My wife and I cancelled our cable 2 years ago and got a Roku. Best decision ever.

    Here’s my thought though… for $148 you can get a Roku AND an Apple TV and if you’re an Apple user that’s exactly what you should do.
    Roku has more channels, and buying and renting movies from Amazon on your Roku will save you a ton of money over the iTunes store.
    BUT if you have all Apple devices like I do there are some serious advantages to the Apple TV (airplay, etc.)  So at the price point why not buy both???

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