The BEST Android Apps – Top 10 Best Android Apps for Boosting Productivity


What are the BEST Android apps for boosting productivity? We asked our experts, we asked our readers and this is what they picked as the best Android apps!

Top 10 Best Android Apps for Boosting Productivity

Best Android App #1: Awesome Drop – Need access to your files on to go? It’s simple with this handy dandy drag and drop app that syncs files with your phone. To use, just upload files to the web and drag and drop onto your phone! The best part: no account required!

Best Android App #2: Thinking Space Pro – The perfect mind mapping too for on-the-go brainstorming! Use it to plan projects, capture your ideas, organize your task list or take meeting notes. The Pro version eliminates those pesky ads and includes enhanced features like tags to allow for easy sorting and filing.

Best Android App #3: DropBox – Take photos, videos and documents with you anywhere! Anything you save to your Dropbox will automatically save to all your computers AND your Android! Built-in lock codes mean if you lose your phone, your files are safe!

Best Android App #4: Easy Tether – Dread getting stuck without a wifi connection? Then it’s worth it to splurge on the one-time fee to get set up with Easy Tether and never be without connectivity again.

Best Android App #5: Remember The Milk – Hate it when you are just around the corner from one of the stops on your to-do list and you FORGET? Never forget the milk (or anything else) with this task management system that includes alerts for nearby task locations! Smart!

Best Android App #6: Viewer – Attend online meetings from ‘virtually’ anywhere with the mobile viewer. View screens and collaborate in real time – all from your Android phone!

Best Android App #7: Everdroid – Your favorite Evernote idea organizer for the Android! Quick start functionality means you can tap and start typing and Everdroid saves it directly to Evernote!

Best Android App #8: Where’s My Droid – Ever lose your phone only to remember that calling it is futile because you left it on silent mode? One quick text with an attention word and your switches from silent mode, turns the volume up and starts ringing. A different attention word gets the GPS location of your missing phone. Genius.

Best Android App #9: TimeClock – Time Track – Track billable hours and transfer the data via a custom CSV file with this simple-to-use time tracking app for the Android.

Best Android App #10: SwiftKey Keyboard – Type faster with this clever little app that learns what you type.


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  1. Good to know I am switched on enough to use a lot of these. However, Everdroid isn’t available in the UK and my policy is never to revisit and use a service that doesn’t promote itself internationally.

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  3. Everdroid is not what you say, it is free storage of your phone info to recover in case you lose your phone, nothing to do with evernote.

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