The Best Marketing is Disguised as Entertainment: A Study of Viral Videos



Ever watch an advertisement simply because someone told you just HAD to see it? Chances are it was because that video was more entertaining than it was advertising. And thanks to social media the sharing of entertaining advertising happens more than ever before. That’s why the best marketing is cleverly disguised as entertainment.

Videos are said to go viral when they spread from person-to-person through social media channels, growing their reach exponentially. While it’s impossible to predict what will trigger a viral response that has the interwebs buzzing with excitement, it possible to examine the common elements, the essence that makes them so highly shareable.

Case Studies of Entertaining Advertising

With this video, Luvs shifted their focus from diapers to mothers themselves, sharing a well-known truth about motherhood: it’s different with the second child. The video contrasts a new mother who carefully covers herself before breast feeding to the mother who openly breast feeds her second while ordering from a rather distracted and flustered waiter.

BodyForm attained viral video status, not with a marketing campaign, but with a clever response to a critic who posted a rant on the company’s Facebook page, accusing the company of “false advertising” because his experience with his girlfriend was nothing like they portrayed in their commercials. Unlike many companies who attempt to silence their critics, BodyForm embraced the opportunity to poke fun at the industry practice of glorifying menstruation.

Evian cashed in on a marketing goldmine with their Evian Babies video that combines babies and humor. The über-cute video shows diaper-clad babies performing unbelievable stunts on roller skates to an ultra hip soundtrack, earning the company over 63 million views on YouTube. The success of the video campaign sparked the company to do a follow-up video that takes viewers behind-the-scenes.



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