The BIG Idea File: A Winning Formula – How Kids Bowl Free Created a Win-Win Success


How do you create a winning formula for a win-win success?

You take two parties, moms with bored kids who are out of school for the summer and bowling allies that are virtually empty while people are out enjoying the summer sunshine. Put them together. What do you get? Kids Bowl Free!

It’s an innovative program that gives kids 2 free games of bowling every day all summer long at participating bowling allies in their local community, created and facilitated by

For moms wondering what to do with their kids all summer long, it’s an easy sell because unlike every other summer activity, this one is free. For bowling allies facing a seasonal lull, it’s a way to give back to their local communities and garner interest in the sport for the coming winter season.

Kids Bowl Free is a win-win to the tune of 900 participating bowling centers and over 1.5 million kids who bowled for free in 2010 (and it keeps growing as more moms and bowling centers join the program).

Behind the Winning Formula – How to Create Win-Win Synergies

#1: Find a Problem – Or rather two different parties with problems that the other can solve. A kind of a “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure” type scenario where one party is wasting a resource that could be utilized by another group.

#2: Create a Unique Solution – Matchmaking between people who have too much of X and the people who need a lot more of X. Bowling centers and parents in the case of Kids Bowl Free. The genius of the Kids Bowl Free strategy is they facilitate the transaction without getting into that business.

#3: Partner on Promotion – Who better to help advertise your innovative idea than the parties who will benefit from it? Kids Bowl Free distributed over a million postcards via the local bowling centers.

#4: Become the Portal – Kids Bowl Free manages the program registration and distribution of the bowling coupons making it very easy for bowling centers to participate plus they take the hassle out of parents trying to find a local program in their community by giving them a one-stop hub to find a participating bowling center.

#5: Offer an Upsell – Wondering how Kids Bowl Free makes money offering free bowling to kids at bowling centers they don’t even own? Easy. Parents don’t bowl free. Kids Bowl Free offers parents the option of buying a Family Pass and joining their kids in 2 games per day.

Oh…and if you want your kids to bowl for free, check out!


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