The BIG Idea File: It's the Little Things – 5 Small Customer Service Tactics that Make a Big Impact


Sometimes it’s the little things we do for our customers that mean the most to them. The important milestone remembered, the thoughtful extra touch, the small acknowledgement that their business means something to us.

Today’s BIG idea is all about how the little things we do can make a big impact. You never know when that extra smile, or that extra mile will turn someone’s day around.

It’s not always the big things we do that get our customers talking about our business. Sometimes the big impact is from the smallest of gestures and details. Try these 5 small customers service tactics as a starter…

5 Small Customer Service Tactics that Make a Big Impact

#1: A Helpful News Article – Sending your customers a helpful news article related to their business makes a big impact for two key reasons: #1 it’s always nice to get something that helps your business and #2 it shows that you understand their business and what matters to them.

#2: A Handwritten Note – Taking the time to write a short, personal note. Let’s face it – in today’s electronic everything world, anything handwritten makes a huge impact because it simply isn’t done anymore and it shows your hands-on approach to doing business with your customers.

#3: Pint-Sized Paperback – Sending anything lumpy and bumpy gets noticed because these days most mail is a) flat and b) bills. Find a pint-sized paperback of inspirational quotes or mini versions of your favorite classics and package them up for your customers!

#4: Social Media Shout-Out – Turning Twitter talk into a testimonial for the customers you love working with is always appreciated, especially if your fans and followers fit their target audience. Retweet them, give them a heartfelt shout-out or share their latest post via social media.

#5: Starbucks Coffee Card – Sending a Starbucks coffee card with an invitation to catch up over a virtual latte is a nice way to say “Thank you”. It’s also the perfect way to reconnect with customers and clients you may have lost touch with. Cheers to coffee chats!


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