The Simplicity Principle: Why We Love the I Wear Your Shirt Business Model


The most dreaded words in marketing are “I don’t get it.” It means that despite all your creative efforts, your target audience can’t even understand WHAT you are selling much less WHY they would want to buy it.

That’s what we love about I Wear Your Shirt – it’s just so simple to understand! But don’t be fooled by the apparent simplicity of their business model. There is a lot behind 365 days of wearing shirts.

The I Wear Your Business Model

The premise of I Wear Your Shirt is built right into the name – they wear YOUR shirt for one day. Sort of a human torso for hire business that offers brands the opportunity to fill one of the 365 ad spots available over the course of an entire year.

Intrigued? We were too!

What we love about the I Wear Your Shirt business model:

#1: Simplicity – It’s dead easy to understand. They wear your shirt for one whole day, promoting their daily shirt via Twitter, Facebook, Ustream, YouTube and the I Wear Your Shirt web site.

#2: Reward Early Commitment – How’s this for an incentive to commit early? Their pricing model is $5 for January 1st plus $5 for each day after. So August 31st is $1215 because it’s 242 days after January 1st.

#3: Self-Serve Web Site – Want to buy a day? That’s easy too! All the available dates and the pricing for that day are available on their calendar. One click adds that day to your shopping cart and you’re done! No sales team needed to book your date.

#4: Visibility Built into Model – The purpose of the business model is to increase the visibility of the shirt of the day. That means they are actively promoting what they do too!

#5: Fun Factor – What sets them apart is the fun factor. These shirt-wearing guys (and now two gals) are having fun with it. They are out there talking to people, promoting via social and just plain having fun – a fantastic strategy for attracting both clients and employees.

#6: Authenticity – I Wear Your Shirt brings back the authenticity of people connecting with people. They aren’t a bunch of corporate hacks who are expected to tow the company line. They are a group of individuals sharing their take on your brand.

Now the I Wear Your Shirt model isn’t for everyone, but there are a lot of little gems you can take and apply to your business. How can you simplify your messaging so it’s dead easy to understand? What about holding a sliding scale sale that rewards customers for buying early? How can you add a little more self-service onto your web site?


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