The Truth About Toner: 5 Reasons You Need This Beauty Tonic by @TinaOLife


Toner. It’s the skincare step people typically skip. Why? Because they don’t get it. Why do I need to spritz this mystery liquid all over my face? What the heck does it ACTUALLY do? It’s probably just a waste of time and money.

Here’s the truth about toner: it is one of THE most important steps in any skincare regime. If you aren’t using toner before applying your beloved fix-all-those-nasty-wrinkles serum, you are wasting a ton of money on product AND you are depriving your skin of what it needs.

Here’s the Truth About Toner:

#1: It has an Important Skincare Job to Do!

Allow me to get all science-y for a sec okay? Your skin has a naturally occurring pH balance of 5.5, which is slightly acidic. It also has a protective layer called the acid mantle which acts similarly to the earth’s ozone layer in that its job is to prevent environmental toxins and bacteria from getting in to your skin and then your body. When we wash our face (even with just plain old water), it disrupts the acid mantle (think ozone layer again) because water’s pH is 7.4 and slightly drying. Don’t even get me started on the stripping effects of using soap. When we apply one or two sprizes from a 5.5 pH correct toner, our skin’s acid mantle is restored back to 5.5, allowing it to protect our skin. Who knew that there we’d be doing ‘earth science’ in today’s skincare class? Bottom line: Toner has a job to do.
#2: It Saves You Money on Skincare Products!
Connecting back to the last bit in the pH conversation, if we DON’T use toner and skip directly to our serum or daycream guess what happens? Your skin, now drier than it wants to be, self-corrects by absorbing more of the next product you put on. For those of us who like somewhat glowy, dewy, and fresh looking skin, that usually means we’re using a serum of some kind. When we skip the toner, our skin WANTS more serum, and takes it. That means we end up going through our expensive serum twice as fast. Bottom line: Using a toner saves you money.
#3: It Soothes Your Skin.
No really, that’s what a good toner is for. It’s NOT about removing make-up. It’s not about exfoliating. And it’s not about solving acne issues by drying out your skin. A good toner does what it’s namesake: it tones. A good toner adds gentle emollient ingredients that prompt your body’s natural healing response and refreshes the skin by triggering new cell production. Bottomline: A good toner nourishes.
#4: It Sets Your Make-up!
Arbonne RE9 TonerI love the Arbonne RE9 Toner because it comes as a spritz and one spray to my newly made-up face will set my foundation or shadow for the entire day. Plus, it gives me a more youthful finish and it prevents my make-up from ever looking cakey. Bottomline: A spritz toner does double duty. I like that.
#5: It’s a Key Step in a Skincare System!
Here’s the thing. Toner is a bridge product in your daily skincare regime. It’s like the the team mate who sets up the spike in a volleyball game. It’s the assist to the winning goal. It’s the efficient assistant who makes props up the CEO. Yes, you can follow a skincare regime without a toner, but you simply are not going to get the full effect of what you could have with it included.  Bottomline: All skincare systems were designed to include toner for all the reasons described above!
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