Time is Money: Savvy Shopping Tips for the Busy Working Mom



These days folks rely more than ever on ways to save time and money. Traditionally we expect to pay a premium for convenience when shopping. That’s why a gallon of milk purchased at 3 am from a 7-11 costs twice as much as when you buy it at your regular grocery store during normal business hours.

Thanks to the Internet, we can shop online for almost anything, at anytime and usually for a competitive price from the convenience of our own homes, offices, cars, wherever. But the trouble is finding the best price when you are ready to buy, especially for the time-pressed working mom!

One challenge for the frugal online shopper sifting through the millions of websites. How do you wade through all of this online “stuff” when you’re just looking to buy an inexpensive DVD player for the kids to use so they’ll stop messing with the Blu Ray player? No one wants to find out later that they could have bought it for less at another site if they’d just spent five more minutes looking.

Money-Saving Tips for Savvy Online Shoppers

There are three primary means of online shopping sites to help sort all this out—comparison shopping sites, coupon sites, and web/mobile application services.

There are a number of price comparison websites designed to search the web looking for the best deals on select items. These comparison websites include BizRate, NexTag, shopLocal, slickdeals, and woot. These websites function as clearinghouses for a wide array of products that can be purchased online, a one-stop shopping site, but the deals are limited to the items available on these websites.

There are also numerous online coupon sites where shoppers can search their inventory of coupons looking for discounts on products. Sometimes the discounts are realized online or can the coupons can be printed and the discount applied toward purchases at a local shop. The most frequented coupon sites include: GroupOn, LivingSocial, RetailMeNot, Coupons, and SlickDeals.

Finally, there are web and mobile apps that have radically changed the price comparison game. We can now walk into a store and using our phone scan an item and instantly learn if it is available at a lower price somewhere else. Individual retailers like Amazon and Best Buy have developed their own Smartphone apps to keep you up-to-date on the deals available on their websites and in their stores.

So, with all of the price comparison, coupon, and app sites available to online shoppers to comparison shop online the questions still remains—how does you know that you’ve found the lowest price for the items you’re shopping for?

FreePriceAlerts.com is a free and easy-to-use plug-in for web browsers or mobile apps that installs instantly and ensures that online shoppers are getting the best possible price on the Internet.


Using FreePriceAlerts.com you can compare prices in a completely unobtrusive way on the website of your choice. FreePriceAlerts.com will instantly notify you of the lowest price for the products you’re shopping for. You can also to create wish lists; set target prices; and receive alerts from FreePriceAlerts.com when the item your shopping for has hit your target price.

In short, FreePriceAlerts.com does for consumer products what travel sites have done for plane tickets. You will know when you’ve found the lowest price online—that’s savvy and frugal.


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Bob Wilkins is the founder and CEO of FreePriceAlerts.com which is based in Peterborough, NH. FreePriceAlerts.com is an automatic price search engine designed to instantly notify online shoppers—via PC, smartphone, or tablet—of the lowest price for the products they're shopping for. Bob and his wife Ann, have four kids and have been pinching pennies together for over 20 years. Being busy with family makes it hard to make time to clip coupons and search out the best deal. Given their background in both technology and sales, Bob and Ann developed FreePriceAlerts.com to do the automatic price checking. Now online shoppers can save both time and money on the products they want and need.

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