Turn Clutter Into Cash: Decluttering With a Yard Sale by @TheJoyfulOrg


Do you want to turn your clutter into cash? The biggest challenge people have when organizing their home is figuring out what to do with those unwanted items that are still in good shape. That’s where a yard sale comes in! It’s the perfect way to make some money and clean out your home!

Below you will find some tips on how to make your yard sale as profitable and successful as possible.

  • Set up signs around your neighborhood, in grocery stores and on free online listings, such as Craig’s List.
  • Check with your neighbors and let them know about the expected increase in traffic.  Confirm that you have no neighbored rules regarding yard sales.
  • Consider having a neighborhood yard sale.  More items for sale will draw more customers.
  • On the day of the yard sale, post clear signs directing potential customers to your home.  Post them in both directions.  Remember to take them down after your event.  Decorate your yard with balloons, banners and streamers to catch the eye of passers by.
  • Ask family members if they have items they would like you to sell at your yard sale.
  • You want to make your customers as comfortable as possible.  Have some baked goods and drinks on hand for them to enjoy while they browse.
  • Make sure the area you are using is bright enough.  Use spotlights and lamps from your home if necessary.
  • Have extension cords on hand so customers can test appliances.  If they know it works, they will be more likely to take it home!
  • If you are selling clothes, put a full-length mirror out for customers to use.
  • Make sure you lock your home and garage.  You will not be able to pay attention to your home for most of the day.
  • Use a fanny pack instead of a moneybox to store change and customer’s payments.  Even a locked moneybox can be stolen.
  • Clearly mark each item with its price.  Use blue painter’s tape so the item will not be damaged.
  • Have boxes and bags ready for your customer’s to take home their new treasures in.
  • Create a children’s section so that kids can play with toys before they purchase them.  This also allows the adults to shop quietly.
  • Have bargains!  Yard sale customers love bargains so have a table where all items costs $1, have a 50% off bin, and even a buy one get one table!
  • Also, be ready to bargain with customers!
  • Have tarps or tents ready, or an alternative date ready in case of rain!
  • Have a back up plan ready for the items that do not get sold.

A yard sale can be a great way to clean out your house and make some money while doing it!  Weigh the advantages and disadvantages of your time commitment versus your possible tax deduction before taking on the task. Involve your kids and family and a yard sale can be a lot of fun. Consider using the money you make to take a family adventure!


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Bonnie Joy Dewkett, CPO® is a nationally recognized organizing expert, author, motivational speaker, and internet radio personality. She began organizing as a child, and she has been organizing ever since. Her company, The Joyful Organizer®, creates and implements organizational systems for the home and office. These changes allow her Customers to create calm from chaos at work and at home. Bonnie is passionate about helping her clients meet their organizational goals, and loves to see the positive impact that getting organized has on their lives.

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