Turn Off the Tech: Why You Need to Turn Off the Tech and Tune Into Your Life


Are you guilty of going through life with only half your attention devoted to what you are doing and the other half glued to your mobile communication device? Mommy-tasking is becoming a bad habit that needs to stop. Between the checking email and “checking in” via social media, we are at best part-time participants in the most important job of all: LIFE.

Don’t think your kids don’t notice that you are giggling at the funny responses your latest quirky photo on Instagram generated or the urgent email that has you frowning and mentally checking out of the conversation. They do. But our kids aren’t the only ones who need us to start showing up. We do. Chances are you won’t regret not posting that funny quote on Facebook, but you will regret missing seeing the look on your daughter’s face when she scores her first goal.

5 Signs that You Need to Turn Off the Tech

#1: Obsessive Checking — Why wait for alerts and annoying beeps when you can keep hitting refresh on whatever thing you are obsessively monitoring? Take a deep breath and know that it’s okay for email to sit there unread for a day.

#2: The Cold Sweat — Does the mere idea of accidentally leaving your device behind cause you to spontaneously break into a cold sweat? Stop using your child as an excuse for taking it with you everywhere. Bring the child, ditch the device and call it a day.

#3: Your Favorite Focus — Is your mobile communication device constantly distracting you from what’s going on around you? Eyes up, device down and pay attention to what is right in front of you (live and in-person)! If you can’t resist the urge, leave your device at home or in the car.

#4: Over Connected — Are you monitoring multiple channels of communication at once? Email? Social media? Text messages? Take a tech break before you end up with a serious case of tech burnout. It’s okay to take a weekend of off tech. It will still be there Monday morning.

#5: First and Last — Is your mobile communication device the first and last thing you do everyday (before normal bodily functions like peeing or brushing your teeth)? Time to reprioritize and put your life first (and trust me, your life is not online).


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