Worry-Free Travel With Kids: Practical Tips for a Stress-Free Journey


Travelling with kids, especially ones who are picky eaters or sticklers for their home routine, can be challenging. Nothing is worse than planning a special night out at the resort’s 5-star restaurant, only to have your child refuse absolutely everything on the menu.

Let’s not even get started on the kids who develop a chronic case of the Are we there yet’s? minutes into the journey or those who opt to cure their boredom by torturing the sibling seated next to them.

It’s these moments when you need to remind yourself of the value of travel for kids. The up close and personal lessons in history, geography, culture and languages will stay with them for a lifetime (not to mention the personal skills developed through coping with challenging situations).

Tips for Worry-Free Travel With Kids:

  • Manage Expectations – Let the kids know what to expect on the journey. If it’s going to be a long flight, prepare them for the idea that they are going to have to entertain themselves and have them come up with ways to battle boredom.
  • Think Hands-Free – Whenever possible, opt for hands-free options for luggage and travel totes. While we were far from backpacking through Europe, our backpacks were invaluable for navigating busy train stations with a five-year-old in tow.
  • Pack Lightweight – Remember the golden rule of travelling with kids: less IS more. Skip the heavy books and fussy toys for travel entertainment and sacrifice bulky items for lightweight, compact versions. Our favorite travel find to date is the ultra lightweight running jackets that are a mainstay in our daytrip bag.
  • Practice Ahead of Time – Prepare the kids for whatever you plan to do during the trip BEFORE you leave. So, if you are doing a multi-day trek through the Grand Canyon, take the kids on extended day hikes before you go. If it’s a cultural foodie tour, familiarize them with the local cuisine at home.
  • Write a Research Report – Get the kids involved in the planning by having them research the area you are travelling to. Not only does this get them excited about what they are about to experience, it turns the trip into an extended learning opportunity.

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